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Welcome to My RC Ranch where I will make a RC Crawler track and more RC related stuff like boating flying and more! But it'll be mostly crawling/scaling and it'll not only be here it'll be at all kind of events that come up both planned and not planned events :)


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Day Three of The Dedicated Crawler Track

Hey here is the Day Three of the Dedicated Crawler Track 🙂 It's a bit late and a bit long because i suddenly felt like talking English in the video so it got rather long 😉 Well hopefully you guys enjoy it anyway 😀  

16 Jun 15 Viktor Skoglund

Was out boat fishing for the first time

I was out Boat fishing with my 2Fast2Fun Bullet V boat for the first time since i got it 🙂 And i didn't expect anything was just "playing" around with it and suddenly the boat went backwards after a few stops because it looked a bit funny XD And here is the resualt! 😀  

13 Jun 15 Viktor Skoglund

Dedicated Crawler Track Day Two

Here is the progress from Day Two on the Crawler Track 🙂 It was not much but it took longer to do of course because I'm new and not that many people have done it before. But it sums up what i have done and what i should be working on more to finish the […]

11 Jun 15 Viktor Skoglund

The Dedicated Crawler Track

Had a hard time to see any Track build videos for the Crawler guys so here is my Dedicated Crawler Track! This is going to be a long project with minor/major and stationary changes over the years to come and hopefully all to the best! So tune in here for a while every now and […]

09 Jun 15 Viktor Skoglund

Day one of the Crawler Track

Hey their! Today i have started working on the Crawler Track! (Finally!!!) So now I'm going to edit some material so you can briefly see what i have done with my Dads Mini Digger. I estimate that the video should be done later to night because it took three hours to do it so i have […]

09 Jun 15 Viktor Skoglund

Off from work…

Well I was off from work a couple days so i have been out boating and crawling most of the days 🙂 So when i was in the woods and had my camera with me i thought "Maybe I can put it in the passenger seat so i can film and crawl at the same time!" […]

30 May 15 Viktor Skoglund


This was a spontaneous event on Ramberget in Gothenburg a sunny windy Sunday 🙂 Many people look weird at us but most of them look at and talked to us and looked happy and admiring our cars/hobby 🙂 If you'll see us or someone els that have this as a hobby don't be afraid say […]

21 May 15 Viktor Skoglund

Test post

Hey everybody and welcome to the first RC Ranch test post nothing to see here so that's all! Thank you for reading it anyway though! 😛  

20 May 15 Viktor Skoglund