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The Dedicated Crawler Track

09 Jun 15
Viktor Skoglund
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Had a hard time to see any Track build videos for the Crawler guys so here is my Dedicated Crawler Track!

This is going to be a long project with minor/major and stationary changes over the years to come and hopefully all to the best!

So tune in here for a while every now and then to see and read updates and if you're not Subscribed on my Youtube channel yet press that Subscribe button so you can see all the videos that are coming up in the future 🙂


//: Viktor


Day one of the Crawler Track

09 Jun 15
Viktor Skoglund
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Hey their!

Today i have started working on the Crawler Track! (Finally!!!)

So now I'm going to edit some material so you can briefly see what i have done with my Dads Mini Digger.

I estimate that the video should be done later to night because it took three hours to do it so i have a lot of video to edit! 😛

So now I'm going out to crawl a little bit while it's still beautiful weather outside here 🙂

See you later 🙂

//: Viktor